Desinfectantes y limpiadores

Suitable for dishwashing liquids and surface cleaners that take care of baby's skin and health.

3 Results
3 Results
Lote 2 líquidos lavavajillas 500 ml Lote 2 líquidos lavavajillas 500 ml
Made in France
Lote de 2 espumas desinfectantes para manos 250 ml Lote de 2 espumas desinfectantes para manos 250 ml
Made in France
Lote de 2 limpiadores desinfectantes 500 ml Chlorophylle Lote de 2 limpiadores desinfectantes 500 ml Chlorophylle
Made in France

Clean baby's bottles, teats and toys with products that are safe for their health

Many young parents are worried about using a traditional washing up liquid to wash their baby's bottles, teats and other toys. The same applies to household cleaners, which often contain harmful chemicals. The majority of washing up liquids can leave a strong odour on bottles and accessories. That's why we offer you fragrance-free, dye-free and toxic-free products.

Baby Beaba washing up liquid: safe for baby, gentle on parents' hands

To make life easier for parents, we have developed a new washing up liquid specifically designed to clean cutlery, baby bottles and even babies' teats. It has been clinically proven to remove milk residue and white film without the use of toxic chemicals. . With a newborn, parents soon realise that they have to constantly wash bottles and accessories, which can eventually irritate the skin on the hands. Our washing up liquid is dermatologically tested and has been developed for sensitive skin.

Safe home care for baby

Traditional household products are responsible for the polluted air that we breathe in indoors. Surfaces are also impregnated with these chemicals that can be toxic to baby. However, surfaces must be disinfected as they are a source of microbes and bacteria! Discover our range of dermatologically tested home cleaners, which do not contain synthetic fragrances or dangerous products. Biodegradable, our cleansers are composed of natural ingredients that do not pose any danger to baby.

Order your baby bottle washing up product and your natural cleaning products online

Trust Béaba to care for your home and the cleaning of your baby's bottles! Each cleaning product in our range has undergone rigorous quality control. The dermatologically tested formula ensures effective and ecological cleaning. Your baby can put toys in their mouth safely and enjoy a bottle without the smell of washing up liquid!