Cheese cake with sweet pepper coulis

Cheese cake with sweet pepper coulis

  • Preparation time

    20 min

  • Cooking time

    24 min

  • Portion size

    150 g

  • Season


  • Ingredient list

    30 sprig(s) of chives

    31.8 Oz of cream cheese

    18.6 Fl. Oz of skim milk (cow)

    11.5 crispbread

    5.2 Oz of agar-agar

    37 Oz of green / yellow / red pepper

    18.6 Oz of carrot

    30 pinch of herbes de provence

  • Age

    25 to 36 months

Step by step recipe

  1. Peel and wash the carrot, then cut into fine round slices.
  2. Cut the pepper in half to remove the seeds and the white inner skin. Finally, cut it into fine slices.
  3. Put the sweet pepper in the steamer basket.
  4. Put the carrots in the steamer basket.
  5. Put water in tank 3 and start cooking.
  6. Set aside the cooking juice.
  7. Put the basket content in the blender bowl.
  8. Add the 'herbes de Provence' in the blender bowl
  9. Add a part of the cooking juice depending of the desired texture.
  10. Blend the bowl content.
  11. In a pan heat the milk and agar-agar until boiling. Leave the preparation to cool a little.
  12. Vigorously mix the milk with the fresh cheese and chives.
  13. Place the crispbreads in a deep-freeze bag with slide fastener and break into crumbs using a rolling pin. Cover the bottom of two ramekins with the crispbread crumbs.
  14. Fill the ramekins with the preparation containing the milk, agar-agar and Philadelphia cheese and pile up well. Place it in a warm place until it has set. Serve with the coulis.
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