Babycook® Express

The new Babycook® Express makes it possible to make your own baby food in less than 15 minutes! This new generation baby food processor cooks quickly and allows you to mix, heat or defrost in no time. Prepare healthy and tasty recipes for baby while saving time in your daily routine.

5 Results
5 Results
Babycook Express® Rice, Pasta & Grain Insert Babycook Express® Rice, Pasta & Grain Insert
Babycook® Express Baby Food Maker – Baltic Blue Babycook® Express Baby Food Maker – Baltic Blue
Babycook® Express Baby Food Maker – Sage Babycook® Express Baby Food Maker – Sage
Babycook® Express Baby Food Maker - Grey Babycook® Express Baby Food Maker - Grey
Babycook® Express Baby Food Maker – Oat Babycook® Express Baby Food Maker – Oat

Babycook Express®: the fastest!

This new addition to our line of Babycook® food processors has been eagerly awaited. It allows you to cook meals in less than 15 minutes, which is a real time saver on a daily basis. Like the other Babycook® products in the range, you can prepare purees, soups, compotes and smoothies for your little one in no time.

Healthy meals that are fast-ready and well-balanced!

The Babycook Express® features a patented mixing paddle that evenly mixes and cooks food faster while preserving nutrients. This new model retains the gentle steaming system so your baby can enjoy all the vitamins contained in fruits and vegetables.

An eco-designed product

The Babycook Express® has also been equipped with a double-walled insulating lid, which traps the steam inside the bowl. The result: faster cooking, less water used and energy savings! With the ECO function of the Babycook Express®, you save up to 30% of water and electricity during use compared to the Babycook Solo®.

A multifunctional appliance for a variety of dishes

The strength of Babycook Express® lies in its two cooking modes: Express and eco. You can adapt them according to the dish you want to prepare. A true 4-in-1 appliance, this baby food maker is a revolution in your life as a young parent. It allows you to steam, blend to order, defrost and reheat. Follow the special Babycook® recipes or let your imagination run wild to prepare healthy and balanced meals for your baby.

Babycook Express®: easy to use and small footprint

The Babycook® principle is very simple: you simply fill the dedicated bowl with water and add your vegetables or fruit to the basket. They will then be steamed. Once the cooking is finished, you just have to take the vegetables out of the steaming basket and pour them into the bowl, equipped with a powerful blade. You can then blend them to your liking and according to baby's age, either into a very fine purée or with small pieces.

Some ideas for dishes and desserts to cook with your Babycook Express®.

All the recipes for Babycook® can be considered for Babycook Express®. For your baby's first little pots, you can prepare delicious vegetable purées (green beans, peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, etc.). After 12 months, you can cook legumes like lentils or split peas and even endive soup. This food processor can also cook fish and meat as well as boiled eggs. And of course, you can make a variety of compotes as well as rice pudding or pumpkin semolina gratin. With the Babycook®, baby can enjoy real chef's meals!


*of Babycook® according to an external and independent study in May 2022