Nursing Pillow

Comfort is one of the keys to a successful and pleasant breastfeeding. Big Flopsy nursing pillows are made from soft and breathable materials, their ergonomic shape is designed to give you a natural and comfortable posture when breastfeeding, without strain or pain. Easy to care for, Big Flopsy nursing pillows are available in multiple sizes and designs to suit all needs and styles. Find the perfect model for you!

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1 Results

The Big Flopsy: Beaba's plus-size nursing cushion that can also be used during pregnancy

Among the many childcare accessories required before the birth of a baby, the nursing cushion is undoubtedly the most useful and cost-effective because it's adjustable!

The nursing cushion, the essential childcare item for multiple use

Many nursing or bottle-feeding mums appreciate having a nursing cushion (also called a maternity cushion) handy for feeding. Finding a comfortable breastfeeding position - for you and for your baby - can be a real challenge. Our Big Flopsy nursing cushion can make it easy for you!

The nursing cushion, the companion for future mothers to relieve the pains of pregnancy

The maternity cushion is with you from the first months of pregnancy to the first years of your baby's life. During pregnancy, it relieves you of the aches and pains that occur throughout the day. Thanks to its large size, the Big Flopsy nursing cushion can be used to help you keep your back straight when sitting on the sofa or bed. Once lying down, it helps you support your belly and frees your spine from the weight of the baby. The Big Flopsy cushion is therefore a great way to maintain your curvature and sleep better.

The Big Flopsy nursing cushion to feed baby comfortably

Once baby is born, the Big Flopsy cushion will accompany you on all your travels! Designed with fully removable microbeads and machine washable, this nursing cushion is a true cosy nest for mum and baby. It relieves tension on your back, neck and arms during baby meals. It comforts and supports the baby and makes it easier for them to breastfeed. The Big Flopsy nursing cushion from Béaba comes in many styles (plain, stars, jersey...) and colours (white, ecru, pink, grey...).

The Big Flopsy ultra comfort nursing cushion: also designed for bottle-fed babies!

The nursing cushion is not just for nursing mums. It can be used for bottle feeding (breast milk or artificial milk), by all family members. It allows you to get into a comfortable position and means you can hold baby in a semi-lying position during digestion. It is therefore especially recommended for babies suffering from reflux (GERD).

The Big Flopsy nursing cushions helps them grow

Thanks to its many features and its resistant cover, the nursing cushion will support your baby for a very long time. Helps them safely spend time on their stomach, lie back or cushions a fall when learning to sit up. The Big Flopsy is a great nursing cushion. With its generous dimensions and its washable cotton flower fabric cover, it's a safety net for your child and protects against small accidents!

Buy your Big Flopsy nursing cushion online and enjoy free delivery!

Order your Big Flopsy nursing cushion from Béaba online from our official store and get the best prices! All our products in stock are shipped as soon as possible so you can calmly prepare for the birth of your baby. All reviews are independent: the Big Flopsy nursing cushion is a quality product at a low price and among the best nursing cushions. Once you try it you'll never look back!