Up&Down High Chair

There are so many ways to be a parent.

So many ways to cook, play, share, travel and educate every day. As you take that great leap into the unknown, you'll ave many questions. So many stories to create to find your own path. So many adventures to live that will turn your initial uncertainty into an eternal bond with your child.

We'll be there with you as you take your first steps as parents. We'll be there when your eyes are red with sleep as you're woken up at night for the umpteenth time. We'll be there at mealtimes to help you overcome your little ones' appetite for broccoli and spinach.

We'll be there for all !

We’ll be there for all your new adventures when you go for a walk, visit the grandparents, or show them the sea for the first time. And we’ll still be there as your family grows with the arrival of a little brother or sister.

We’ll be there for their first time, and for your first time too. So together you can enjoy what’s important. Béaba®

Enjoy what really matter with Béaba®