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2 Results

Beaba Up & Down baby bouncer with stand: discover our height-adjustable baby bouncer

The big day is approaching, are you thinking about the best baby bouncer? Would you like to combine the advantages of a swing and a baby bouncer within the same product? You've come to the right place! Our range of Up & Down baby bouncers meets all young parents' criteria: easy to use, ultra-comfortable, adjustable and calming for baby, all at a good price.

The baby bouncer with stand: young parents' best friend to add to their newborn list

A baby's arrival disrupts our whole daily life. It becomes essential to find solutions that keep your baby occupied whilst you take care of your own responsibilities. Along with the Cocoonababy baby pod, the baby bouncer is amongst the most essential childcare equipment. Our Up & Down models can be used from birth thanks to their headrests for newborns that support baby's head. From 0 to 6 months (and more depending on the size and tone of your child), give your little one the comfort they need.

The Up & Down baby bouncer: the advantages of the bouncer with stand and the swing

All of our baby bouncers are equipped with a stand that has a rocking function to cradle your child safely. All you have to do is lift the stabilising stand located on the front of the bouncer to be able to swing them gently. No more need to choose between a swing or a baby bouncer! Choose the Up & Down, our adjustable and versatile baby bouncer.

Up and Down high baby swing: safety first!

With their multiple positions and their 5-point harness, our baby bouncers guarantee your baby maximum safety. As with all Béaba products, they have been strictly tested and meet current European standards.

Why choose an Up & Down height-adjustable high baby bouncer from Béaba?

During the first few months baby needs to be near its parents. The up down baby bouncer allows you to put your baby down safely. Comfortably settled on their removable cushion, baby will be able to sleep or entertain themselves thanks to the play arch they have at their disposal. The up down baby bouncer is height-adjustable to 4 positions. The baby bouncer adapts to baby's environment. A simple press is all it takes to raise baby or lower them closer to the floor. They are with their parents, always at the right height. With its backrest that reclines in 3 positions, baby bouncer adapts to baby's rhythm. Our baby bouncers are available in multiple colours to match the decoration of baby's room.