Sauteed Crumble

Sauteed Crumble

  • Preparation time

    20 min

  • Cooking time

    24 min

  • Portion size

    150 g

  • Season


  • Ingredient list

    7.5 tsp of curry

    39.6 Oz of button mushrooms

    50.2 Oz of salsify

    15.8 Oz of rabbit (with no bones)

    15 tbsp of oat flakes

    30 sprig(s) of tarragon

    5.2 Oz of butter (unsalted)

    7.5 tsp of sunflower oil

  • Age

    4 to 6 months

Step by step recipe

  1. Roast 2 tablespoons of buckwheat and oat flakes. When they are well roasted, add the butter and stir away from the heat so that the butter coats the flakes well.
  2. Wash the button mushrooms well and cut into quarters.
  3. Peel and wash the salsify, then cut into round pieces.
  4. When you cut off a piece of rabbit, watch out for tiny bits of bone. If necessary run a little water over the meat.
  5. Put the tarragon in a spice ball ball.
  6. Place the salsify in the steamer basket.
  7. Place the spice ball in the steamer basket.
  8. Place the rabbit in the steamer basket.
  9. Place the button mushrooms in the steamer basket.
  10. Put water in tank 3 and start cooking.
  11. Set aside the cooking juice.
  12. Pour the content of the basket into the blending bowl.
  13. Place the sunflower oil into the blending bowl.
  14. Place the curry into the blending bowl.
  15. Add a part of the cooking juice depending of the desired texture.
  16. Blend the bowl content.
  17. Sprinkle the purée with the flakes. You can put the preparation in the oven for 5 minutes at 200C to give a brighter colour to the crumble.
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