Babycook® Solo

Babycook Solo®: cooking healthy food for baby while saving time!

10 Results
10 Results

Beaba's multifunction robot cooker, the Babycook Solo® is really easy to use. Ideal for young parents wishing to offer their baby a healthy diet, thanks to its large capacity bowl you can prepare several meals at once. It's easy to care for with easy cleaning of the accessories and doesn't take up much space.

Preparing baby meals with ease

The Beaba blender and steamer is a 4-in-1 multifunction food processor. Mixing, thawing, rapid cooking and reheating are carried out with a single, space-saving and ergonomic device. Young parents can save time preparing baby meals, and provide a healthy and balanced diet. The Babycook Solo® cooks food in less than 20 minutes with its steam cooking system. Just fill the container with water and start the Beaba heating blender. The baby meal is prepares itself. The automatic shutdown function means there's no more need to monitor cooking - preparing a meal is really easy!

A robot food blender that preserves all the vitamins

Different foods are a crucial step for baby. Introducing baby foods and their tastes means that all the flavours should be preserved. And the best way to do this is to steam. That's why the Babycook Solo® cooks, defrosts and warms food using steam. All vitamins and nutrients are preserved. The steam basket is removable and allows you to retain the cooking water, that is full of vitamins. So babies can fully enjoy their meals, as can the whole family!