0-6 months

Discover now our range of accessories for babies from 0 to 6 months and make every moment with your little one a moment of happiness and serenity. Prepare your birth list: nursing cushions, baby bottles, baby carriers, all the essentials for the arrival of baby are here!

33 Results
33 Results
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Baby accessories from birth to 6 months: welcome your baby with adapted childcare equipment 

Baby is coming, it's an event as joyful as it is stressful. That is why it's often advisable to draw up a newborn list, which means you won´t forget anything. From birth to 6 months, baby especially needs a clean nappy, milk and the presence of their parents. However, some accessories will be able to help you meet all their needs while continuing to manage your daily tasks.

The sling and the baby carrier: the essential accessories from birth 

The benefits of carrying from birth are undeniable. By being carried, baby is secure, stays warm and falls asleep peacefully with his mum or dad. We have designed a baby carrier for you that is easy to put on and comfortable, thanks to which you can carry your baby for a long time without getting tired. Our baby sling made of knotless fabric has also been developed to offer your baby a physiological position, without restraint for the wearer.

The nursing cushion and the bouncer: to have the bottle and rest 

The nursing cushion is made for breastfed babies and those who are bottle-fed. Used by both the mum and other family members for baby meals, the nursing cushion is an essential accessory that you can even buy during pregnancy. The bouncer is an authentic cocoon to put your baby down for digestion, rest or awakening. It is especially convenient for babies suffering from GERD. 

Feeding bottle, feeding bottle tree: all the accessories for baby feeding 

Even breastfed babies usually end up using a bottle after a few months or years. Find quality bottles in our official online store, that are ergonomic and free of harmful substances, with teats with different flow rates. If your baby is bottle feeding, then choose a bottle tree (or bottle drainer), which besides being very stylish, is really practical! Finally, see our bottle preparers like the Bib'Express, with which you will be able to prepare baby bottles in a few seconds.

The Babycook, to start diversification as early as 4 months 

Baby is barely born and you already have to start thinking about diversification! Indeed, baby can start their first purees from 4 months. Add to your newborn list a Béaba Babycook robot baby food processor that will help you every day in the preparation of their small containers of purees and compotes.