Reliable and easy to use gentle thermometers.

6 Results
6 Results
Lotus bath thermometer old pink Lotus bath thermometer old pink
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Thermospeed® - ear and forehead infrared thermometer Thermospeed® - ear and forehead infrared thermometer
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Lotus bath thermometer green blue Lotus bath thermometer green blue
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A reliable thermometer that is simple to use

Thermometers play an important role in the care of little ones: bath thermometers and thermometers for taking the body temperature should give a very accurate measurement and clearly indicate the result. Béaba innovates to reassure young parents and make them feel secure.

Colourful and fun bath thermometers

With a long shape or in the shape of a lotus flower, the bath thermometer is available in distinctive colours to attract baby's eye. The multi-function digital thermometer also takes the room temperature. Because it is completely round and made of a soft and gentle material, baby can easily grasp it and put it in their mouth. This decorative thermometer has a probe and automatically gives the temperature, without the need to press an on/off button. Also perfect for an accurate baby bath temperature reading, the ring thermometer can be hung up when not in use. Fun, it floats on the surface of the bath.

Body temperature measurement

The measurement of body temperature can be carried out with a forehead thermometer, an ear thermometer or a rectal thermometer with an audible indicator. The benefit of the 4-in-1 infrared thermometer is that it's multifunctional: it ensures that the ear or forehead temperature is taken in 2 - 3 seconds, no longer! This type of thermometer also indicates the ambient temperature so that baby is not too cold or too hot in their room or in the bathroom. 19° to 20° is ideal for a bedroom. Every Beaba baby thermometer should be cleaned with a soft cloth and can be disinfected.