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13 Results
Babycook Neo® / Smart® Pasta-Rice cooker Babycook Neo® / Smart® Pasta-Rice cooker
Babycook Solo/Duo® Pasta-Rice cooker Babycook Solo/Duo® Pasta-Rice cooker
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Babycook Express® Pasta-Rice cooker Babycook Express® Pasta-Rice cooker

Babycook® Beaba: a wide range of accessories Have you decided to prepare baby's small meals yourself with healthy and organic food? Baby's food deserves as much attention as possible. Thanks to the Babycook® and its accessories, meals are varied and rich in vitamins.

An easy-to-use food maker for baby meals

Preparing meals for babies requires minimum time with Béaba's Babycook® and its many accessories. The pasta-rice Babycook® bowl is fitted with a special pasta and rice cooking basket to successfully cook starchy foods and keep baby happy. The pasta-rice cooker Babycook® Neo is also useful to prepare small quantities. Made of durable plastic material, it simply fits into the Babycook bowl and requires no supervision. These quality products are washed by hand or in the dishwasher. When used occasionally, Babycook® cleaning products prevent scale from being embedded and so optimise cooking conditions.

What are the best recipes for my first meals?

Meal preparation follows several simple steps and is easier when you follow specific recipes. The Babycook® recipe book offers 80 recipes designed for babies from 4 to 24 months, classified by season and age. The meals prepared especially for baby meets their nutritional needs ideally and helps them refine their tastes. Also extremely informative, the illustrated recipe booklets for babies are part of a collection of 4 volumes containing the stages of a child's food diversification in detail. These booklets also include touch and feel parts and windows to lift to promote baby's development. Béaba is always supporting young parents to help them take care of their baby.