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7 Results
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Bottle trees and collapsible drainers from Béaba: the daily baby essentials The bottle tree: what is it?

The baby bottle tree is a baby bottle drainer, also called a baby bottle dryer, for supporting baby bottles, teats and pacifiers after cleaning them. The feeding bottle tree is made of food-grade plastic and is perfectly safe for baby's health.

The bottle tree: is it really a useful purchase?

If there are baby accessories you don´t need, then the bottle drainer is definitely not one of them. It is indispensable to daily life right from baby's birth. This practical accessory dries bottles easily. A classic drainer is not suitable for bottles that constantly fall over. In addition, the bottle tree also dries teats, caps and milk measuring containers.

Beaba baby bottle trees: the aesthetic and practical solution for drying baby bottles

Drying your bottles is great, and having a clean and tidy kitchen is even better! Beaba bottle drainers offer a modern design and neutral colours that blend with your kitchen decor. The Beaba drainer's large capacity means you can dry 6 bottles at the same time whatever their shape. Just put the bottle on the rod and voila! For bottle accessories (teats, caps...) and dummies, we've thought of everything! Our bottle trees contain small rods at the top of the drainer to hang small accessories. Also, discover our Flower foldable drainer available in several colours, functional and of quality design.

How to care for Beaba baby bottle drainers

Life with a young child is not easy! That's why our bottle trees have been designed to be dishwasher safe. They can also be washed by hand, with special Béaba bottle washing products and/or white vinegar to remove scale deposits, without chemicals. Our drainers are also fitted with a water retention system to keep your worktop dry.

Order your baby bottle tree from the Béaba online store and enjoy fast delivery

Calmly prepare for the birth of your baby by ordering online from our official store or by adding the Béaba bottle tree to your newborn list. You'll get the best prices on your baby meal items here.