Feeding a child is always an issue for parents who hesitate between transmitting the best and sharing their own likes and… dislikes! The relationship is shaped on two levels:


  • Between the child and what is in his plate: the baby establishes his tastes, discovers new flavours and unexpected textures. He makes the transition from smooth liquid milk to finely mixed first purées, then to roughly mixed and first chunks. He discovers his own likes and dislikes.


  • Between the parent and the child, the parent is motivated to give baby whatever is best for his growth. Nevertheless, he can, without realizing it, transmit a certain amount of his dislikes to baby. Firstly, because parents rarely give their children or prepare food they don’t like eating themselves. Secondly, because they don’t taste them in front of their child. Finally, through mimics and their posture, the way they recoil from the plate, frowning after smelling the food… The child can perceive these signals, assimilate them and can turn away from a food which he could potentially appreciate, due to simple mimicry… This is how dislikes as well as tastes are transmitted to children!

In practice:

If you really dislike a food, avoid serving it yourself to your baby. Prefer to have someone else do so like a father, mother, grandparent… And don’t express either verbally or through mimics the dislike you have for this food!