Françoise Dolto said there is no “good mother” but mothers who are “good enough”. Concerning food and nutrition, the position of the mother changes during the baby’s first months. Between the discovery of this relationship and external recommendations, some mums feel torn and “not good enough”…   Beyond the actual bottle content, the child is nourished by the mother’s emotions or preferences. Worried by the recommendations which tell her what to do (breastfeed or bottle feed / begin offering a variety of food / change the textures of the food…) and the demands and capabilities of her baby, she feels like a bad mother, one is who unable to feed her baby “properly”. The pleasure of giving baby his first food is marred (the baby’s pleasure and the mother’s pleasure)…   In practice: “properly” should mean: depending on the appetite, needs and capabilities of baby. Accompanying baby as, little by little, he discovers food, offering him things without forcing him simply because he is “… months old”, feeling ready as a mum to move on to the next stage, that’s what it means to be a “good enough” mother.