10 minutes 7 to 8 months 20 minutes
Peel the celeriac, wash then cut into 1cm cubes. Slide a finger along the whiting fillet to ensure there are no bones. Cut the fish into small 1cm cubes. Place the polenta, celeriac and whiting in the rice cooker with 45ml of water. Pour water into the tank (level 3) and start cooking. Place all cooked foods in the blender with the olive oil. Mix by adding some of the cooking liquid until the desired consistency.

L’astuce cuisine

Searching for bones with the base of the index finger is a good way of ensuring that none have been missed. Run and rerun your finger in all directions on the piece of fish, even if it is supposed to be boned.
Pour les
curieux de nutrition
Polenta is fine cornmeal. Its taste is different from wheat, and its texture slightly grainy. This is an interesting product as a change from wheat, and introduces the child to a different texture. In general, children love it.
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