5 minutes 7 to 8 months 20 minutes
Peel the potato, wash it and cut into 1cm cubes. Place it in the steam basket. Take care to remove the bones from the sardines and cut them into 1cm cubes. Pour water into the tank (level 3) and start cooking. Cut the rocket. Place the potato, sardines, rocket and olive oil into the blender. Mix by adding some of the cooking liquid until the desired consistency. If necessary, add warm water and mix again.

L’astuce cuisine

Feel free to use rocket in a sachet, it is perfectly clean. If you buy it fresh, wash in water, changing the water at least 3 times. You can of course use raw sardine being careful to remove the bones from the spine.
Pour les
curieux de nutrition
This recipe is especially rich in Omega 3, the type of fatty acids which contribute significantly to the construction of the brain thanks to the sardines, fat little fish which have a high concentration of omega 3 and to the rocket, a source of omega 3 of vegetable origin. Certainly they are less well absorbed but they still contribute to cover babies’ very important needs in omega 3.
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