5 minutes 9 to 12 months 15 minutes
Peel, wash and cut the apple in half and remove the pips. Cut the apple into small 1cm cubes. Put the apple and dry apricots in the steamer basket. Pour water into the tank (level 2) and start cooking. Put the apple, dry apricots and petit suisse in the blender bowl and blend

L’astuce cuisine

You cook the dry apricots with the apple so that they absorb water and are softer and easier to blend to a fine consistency. Otherwise, the final texture could be rather grainy.
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Dried fruit is not the same as fruit confit. The latter is saturated in sugar, which allows it to be stored over a long period and gives it a slightly rubbery texture. Dry fruit is simply fruit with the water removed. This is why, in the middle of winter, it is wise to eat dried fruit which allows you to vary fruit and flavours, whilst eating no more sugar than in fresh fruit. 1 dried apricot = 1 fresh apricot.
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In dairy products of the yoghurt, petit suisses or fromage blanc type, yoghurts are those that contain the least lactose. It is very possible that a baby will have no problem with this recipe if you replace the petit suisse by half a yoghurt. Yoghurt, by its composition, allows the child to better digest lactose. However, this is not true for petit suisse or fromage blanc.
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