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Put the semolina in the rice cooker with 45ml of water. Pour water into the tank (level 3) and start the cooking process. Peel and wash the carrots, then cut into thin, round pieces. Put the coriander seeds into the flavour ball. Put the carrots and flavour ball in the steamer basket. Pour water into the tank (level 3) and start the cooking process. Remove the flavour ball. Remove the steamer basket. Put the cooking liquid to one side in a small container. Transfer all the cooked food into the blender bowl with the ham and olive oil. Blend adding some of the cooking liquid until you obtain the desired consistency.
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Cooked ham is wrongly seen as just another rather fatty pork product in the same category as paté and rillettes meat spreads, salami, sausages, etc. In fact, no fat is added to the ham. Furthermore, it is a lean part of pork and can be compared to chicken breast. On the other hand, ham is very salty. Do not hesitate to choose brands that use less salt in order to reduce the amount of salt in this recipe.
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You can replace the semolina by quinoa, which will give the same grainy texture to this recipe. For those who do not eat pork, use chicken breast in this recipe.
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