Peel the sweet potato and carrots and wash them. Cut the sweet potato in half, then into thin slices and the carrots into slices 2 to 3mm thick. Slide a finger along the fillet to check that there are no bones and cut the fish into small 1cm cubes. Put all ingredients in the steam basket. Pour water into the tank (level 3) and start cooking. Preheat oven to 200° C. Place the sweet potatoes and carrots in the bottom of a baking dish. Crumble the fish and place in the dish. Mix the milk and the cream with the olives and cover the preparation. Bake in the oven for 15 minutes.
Pour les
curieux de nutrition
Olives are purchased in brine. They are very salty which is why we put very little in the preparation. They can also be rinsed before mixing them. Their strong flavour brings a real plus to the cream which covers the preparation. This dish is perfect for older children or adults and can be a dish for the whole family, taking care not to put too much fish in the child's plate, from 13 to 24 months.
En remplacement
pour les intolérants
The milk can be replaced by oat juice or rice juice, mixed with ¼ of an egg and olives. This preparation can be mixed with all other ingredients to make a flan, or used as a topping, to bring out the different textures.
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