15 minutes 7 to 8 months 20 minutes
Remove the bitter cone from the endives and cut into slices. Cut the onion into pieces so it fills the savoury ball. Place the chicory and the savoury ball in the steam basket. Pour water into the tank (level 3) and start cooking. In a saucepan, pour ½ litre of water. Sprinkle tapioca over the boiling water. Cook it over a low heat for around 7 minutes, stirring regularly. When the vegetables are cooked, remove the savoury ball. Place cooked food in the blending bowl with the ham. Blend, adding the cooking liquid until the desired consistency.

L’astuce cuisine

Tapioca is cooked when it has become transparent. It becomes very sticky. This texture, which can sometimes be disturbing for the adult, does not bother the child. What’s more, the tapioca will be "diluted" with the chicory. The "bitter cone" is found at the base of the endive. With a sharp knife, remove the cone of approximately 3cm long. This is the part of the chicory where the bitter taste is concentrated. Tapioca is derived from cassava. As such, it is a starchy food as it is a good source of carbohydrates and contains no gluten.
Pour les
curieux de nutrition
This recipe will allow baby’s small taste buds to be introduced to a bitter, more complex flavour. A taste which is often difficult, even for adults! The slightly sweet taste of onion and salted ham will mitigate, in this dish, the bitterness of the chicory.
En remplacement
pour les intolérants
Lactose and for those who do not eat pork : Any vegetable oil can substitute butter which contains some lactose. Ideally, with chicory, a teaspoon of walnut oil would be ideal flavour-wise. If the child is intolerant to oilseeds, choose a sunflower or rapeseed oil, neutral in taste. To replace pork, opt for ham, chicken or turkey, to keep the same balance of flavours.
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