5 minutes 9 à 12 mois 20 minutes
Peel and wash the potatoes, then cut into small 1cm cubes Remove the bitter cone-shaped base of the endives and cut into pieces. Remove the hard parts of the fig: the bottom and the stalk. Cut it into pieces. Put the pieces of fig and endive in the steamer basket. Pour water into the tank (level 3) and start the cooking process. Blend after adding the ham, olive oil and cooking juice until you obtain the desired consistency.

L’astuce cuisine

The “bitter cone” is at the base of endives. With a pointed knife, remove a cone of roughly 3cm in height. It is the part of the endive where the bitter flavour is concentrated, the part that children, and many adults, do not appreciate !
Pour les
curieux de nutrition
In this recipe, the endive is disguised … by the sweet taste of fig. In fact, the mix of bitter and sweet flavours hides the bitterness. You could replace the fig by apple, prune or even half a piece of sugar. Potato, rich in starch – another type of sugar – also reduces the bitterness of endive.
En remplacement
pour les intolérants
You could use a small piece of chicken, of the same weight, instead of the ham.
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