5 minutes 7 to 8 months 15 minutes
Peel, wash and cut the apple in half and remove the pips.* Cut into small 1cm cubes. Wash the grapes, remove the skin and pips from each grape. Put the skinned grapes and apple in the steamer basket. Pour water into the tank (level 2) and start the cooking process. Put the fruit in the blender bowl and blend adding some of the cooking liquid until you obtain the desired consistency.

L’astuce cuisine

*If you have a strainer (large with fine meshing) you can use the apple, unpeeled but washed, without dicing it and the washed grapes without removing their skin and pips. You then strain the mixture through the strainer to remove any bits and pieces. It is quicker than peeling each grape … but you should choose preferably organic products, since you will be using the whole fruit.
Pour les
curieux de nutrition
This compote, if it is too liquid, can be put in a baby’s bottle. It is particularly suitable for an infant who is a little constipated. The grape that accelerates intestinal transit.
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