5 minutes 4 to 6 months 20 minutes
Gently rinse apricots in water without soaking them. Cut the apricots in half along their centre. You will have 2 rounded parts. Remove and discard the large stone. Place the two parts, diced, in the steam basket. Pour water into the tank (level 3) and start cooking. Remove the cooking water and set aside in a small container. Place the apricots in a blender. Mix by adding some of the cooking juice until the desired consistency.
Pour les
curieux de nutrition
Apricots should be selected with smooth skin and a beautiful orange or dark yellow colour. If not quite mature, it can be ripened it in a paper bag at room temperature. However, never choose unripe apricots which will not mature and will spoil without becoming ripe. The apricot is a fruit which does not require peeling as its skin melts in the mouth or when cooked for compotes or fruit juice for baby. It is an excellent source of soft fibers which regulate intestinal transit and vitamin A necessary for eye development. Carotenoids contained in apricot, an excellent anti-oxidant, are better absorbed with a source of fat. From 8 months the child can eat a compote of apricots with a little soft cheese to improve the absorption of the carotenoids. Dried apricots are not suitable for baby before 1 year unless you find dried apricots without sulfite. Sulfites can induce an allergic reaction in the child.
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