Is the air in baby's room too dry? Choose a Beaba air humidifier to diffuse steam gently and improve baby's breathing.

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1 Results
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A quiet and long-lasting air humidifier for baby's room

Paediatricians recommend putting a humidifier in baby's room when the ambient air is too dry, which is very often the case in our modern electrically heated homes. Humidifying the air is also an effective way to relieve the symptoms of baby's and children's colds due to a comfortable fine mist.

The ultrasonic baby air humidifier: operation and benefits

Humidifiers work by turning water into steam and diffusing it into the air through a nozzle. This increases the moisture content of the air, and when this moist air is inhaled through the mouth or nose it helps alleviate dryness in the respiratory tract. Humid air keeps the nasal passages moist and the mucus less sticky. This leads to easier breathing for baby, which, of course, helps them sleep much better. The humidifier also has another benefit for babies with dry skin or eczema. Finally, some babies like the white noise that humidifiers produce. This is a really useful device that parents especially appreciate in winter.

Beaba humidifier: long-lasting and with a large capacity

Discreet and very quiet, the Beaba ultrasonic baby air humidifier is different to other products on the market as it's long-lasting. Fitted with an 800ml capacity container, it can function for 12 hours without switching off unexpectedly. It is suitable for large bedrooms and can therefore be used in the largest of rooms or even in a small enclosed space such as the living room. The Beaba baby air humidifier is easy-to-use and its design guarantees maximum safety when it's on.

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