Compact bouncer

Travel with baby with complete peace of mind with our range of ultra-compact and foldable and easy to carry travel bouncers.

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2 Results
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Portable and foldable baby bouncer for the baby's comfort while travelling

You can now travel with a baby without having to carry a lot of heavy and bulky childcare equipment. Discover the travel bouncer that folds and unfolds in the blink of an eye, ensuring maximum comfort for baby.

An ultra-practical, adjustable compact travel bouncer, for baby and child

Our range of travel bouncers means you can follow your baby's development. From birth (with a newborn hugger) up to a weight of 30kg, the Béaba travel bouncer joins you on all your travels. As with all Béaba bouncers, the travel bouncer has a 5-point harness so that your baby is perfectly safe. The slightly inclined backrest takes into account the anatomy of little ones and offers a comfortable resting position.

Compact bouncer: a perfect design for travel

Only 15cm thick when folded, the Béaba travel bouncer is ideal for carrying baby on a train or plane. Thanks to this, your baby can continue playing with their stimulation toys wherever they are. Unlike other makes of travel bouncers that you can find on the market, our compact bouncer is light and really convenient to carry!

Buy a baby travel bouncer online at the best price

Complete with a carrying case, our compact bouncer will be delivered to you fast! Benefit from free delivery with purchases from €70 on all childcare equipment. At Béaba, every product undergoes rigorous quality control. You're guaranteed to receive a quality product, designed with strong, durable materials.