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The car seat, essential for transporting baby in the car

4 Results
4 Results
Purseat'Fix group 2-3 child car seat black Purseat'Fix group 2-3 child car seat black
Purseat'fix group 2-3 childcar seat navy blue Purseat'fix group 2-3 childcar seat navy blue

Purseat'fix car seat: the car seat parents have dreamed of

Thanks to BEABA, choosing a car seat has never been easier! The Purseat'FIX Group 2-3 model is suitable for children from 3 to 12 years old and combines all the qualities of a great car seat. It's foldable, compact and lightweight.

Children's safety first and foremost!

The BEABA Purseat'FIX car seat has been designed to guarantee the safety of your children. It complies with European standards, regulatory requirements and is approved to European standard ECE R44 /04 by UTAC CERAM (France) : Group 2 use - from 3 to 6 years (about 15-25 Kg): backrest + booster Group 3 use - from 6 to 12 years (about 22-36 Kg): booster only It is also fitted with the ISOFIX fastening system, so you can fit the seat to the back seat of any car with this system in seconds. Other benefits are the reinforced side protection, the padded side cushions and the height-adjustable headrest that guarantee maximum protection for your child. The Purseat'fix does it again.

Choosing a comfortable car seat

The baby car seat must be safe AND comfortable at the same time. As with the Purseat'fix car seat. Thanks to its padded seat, you can make long journeys by car with peace of mind.

The most ingenious car seat

The BEABA Purseat'fix car seat has one great benefit: it's foldable! This makes it ultra-easy to carry and means it complies with road safety rules, even when you're not in your vehicle. Car rental? Taxi ride? Just unfold the car seat in one gesture, and install it in a few seconds. Never has a car seat been easier to install! Are you going on holiday and travelling by plane? Take your car seat with you! A true featherweight, it weighs only 4 kilos. The icing on the cake: the size is compatible with the "cabin" luggage size requirements. And if it gets dirty during the journey (stains...), you just have to remove it and put it in the machine at 30°C. Convenient! As you can see, the BEABA Purseat'FIX car seat has many benefits in addition to being fully compliant with safety standards. Will you choose black or navy blue?