Béaba®, being a parent is child's play

It is often said that it is not easy being a parent...
So why not simplify adult life by making it better for little ones?
For 30 years, BÉABA® has for its mission to be close to parents, accompany them and reassure them in all circumstances. Well designed, smart and fantastically savvy, all our products are developed to make new parents' lives easier with style and a great deal of fun.

So... who said that parents’ lives are sad and complicated?

And this is our story

  • 1989

    marque Béaba


    +Jean Louis Berchet, at the head and forefather of a toy company, created BÉABA®
    + Birth of our first baby, the BABYCOOK®.

  • 1992

    marque Béaba


    Arrival of our second baby... The BIB'SECONDES because every second counts

  • 2003

    marque Béaba


    Our BABYCOOK® goes through adolescence: at 14 years old, it is modernised and completely changes its look!
    It becomes the Babycook® ORIGINAL

  • 2004

    marque Béaba


    NURSERY BAGS are launched,nursery bags that are full of surprises…

  • 2005

    marque Béaba


    Opening of the Spanish subsidiary! Travel broadens the mind.

  • 2007

    marque Béaba


    Lancement de la bagagerie GENЀVE , les sacs à langer qui ont plus d’un tour dans leurs sacs…

  • 2008

    marque Béaba


    BÉABA® broadens its horizons: direction the USA!

  • 2009

    marque Béaba


    + Opens a capital shop! BÉABA® occupies the Avenue de l'Opéra in Paris.
    + And a new baby arrives at BÉABA®: the UP & DOWN bouncer is created, innovation is combined with simplicity!

  • 2010

    marque Béaba


    Creation of the BIB' EXPRESSO®, in 30 seconds, it's ready!

  • 2011

    marque Béaba


    + The family grows: acquisition of RED CASTLE®, one of the leaders in the manufacture of strollers.
    + We learn English! Opening of a sales representative office in Great Britain

  • 2012

    marque Béaba


    The BABYCOOK® ORIGINAL becomes the older brother: the BABYCOOK® SOLO and its variant with two bowls, the Babycook® DUO is born!

  • 2014

    marque Béaba


    Going east! Opening of the sales representative office in Hong Kong for the development of sales in China and Asia.

  • 2015

    marque Béaba


    + Recognition for our BABYCOOK®! Our iconic product selected as "best choice" by French UFC Que Choisir.
    + All parents are invited: creation of the BAND OF PARENTS community.

  • 2017

    marque Béaba


    + We go to see our neighbours: opening of the subsidiaries in Belgium and Germany.

  • 2018

    marque Béaba


    + Family reunion! The BÉABA® and RED CASTLE® offices set up home together in Oyonnax
    ...going up: with the UP & DOWN High Chair

  • 2019

    marque Béaba


    Last but not least, the arrival of the latest BABYCOOK® Neo: new modern design with refined lines, healthy materials for providing the best possible food for baby!

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