This seems so obvious, baby is growing, his needs change and foods, as well as quantities, must be adapted to his needs and capacities. Except that… when you are a parent, fluctuations in baby’s food intake can be alarming, one day it can be a lot, the next day not so much… and in the background, the fear of not feeding baby correctly. Here is a quantity guide according to baby’s age and type of food.




In practice:

A baby is not an adult in terms of nutrition. A baby does not consider that his yogurt is not “glamourous” enough, or that his purée is “tasteless”…

Trust his ability to regulate his intake. In most cases, a child does not eat more than he needs (and not less). Even if he is given reference quantities, destined to reassure parents, baby will only eat what he needs without putting himself in danger

Needs fluctuate from one day to another, this is normal, sometimes he is hungry, sometimes he is reluctant to eat. Baby paces himself over several days. No need to worry as long as his weight is within the normal standard.