Why do our children eat with others what they refuse to eat at home? It is irritating, annoying and trying to see them refuse the courgettes prepared with love by one of their parents when they enjoy eating them at the nursery or with a nanny! Worse still, when they have always easily eaten beans and several months later vigorously refuse to swallow them. Yes, parents, we should remind ourselves: children have their own, versatile tastes. It is inconvenient because parents like to know on which foot to dance. Perplexed in the presence of their child’s hesitation waltz, they can become annoyed. The more eating becomes an issue, the more the child may understand that he has leverage. And the less he eats with his parents. If the child eats better at the day-care or at the grandparents’, it is because there is no particular pressure in these places.

But it is also an advantage as conversely, the child may like one day what he didn’t like the day before…


In practice:

Faced with small children’s fickleness in taste, trying food is a game of patience: offer, offer again, accept changeability and do not weary from trying… Nothing is ever lost and tasting is eating all the same!