Whether you are in France or abroad, you may be faced with counterfeit products offered at attractive prices. Trademark counterfeiting now concerns all types of products: clothing, fashion accessories, mobile phones, car parts, etc.


The footwear and apparel sector is the one most concerned by infringement cases. If the counterfeit of branded products harms businesses which have invested in the brands concerned, it can also affect you adversely. Indeed, you can be misled about the quality and origin of the products offered.


Internationally recognized for its juvenile products, the BEABA brand is not unfortunately immune to the risk of counterfeiting. BEABA seeks to limit this risk however, despite our efforts, we have been faced with several cases of counterfeiting of our products. These fakes appeared in particular in Asia on internet sites and in some stores.


Counterfeiting is a crime punishable by law

The detention of counterfeit goods exposes the holder to these products being confiscated by customs and a customs’ fine being imposed (between one and two times the value of the object of the fraud). The detention of counterfeit goods, as well as their sale, constitutes a crime. For further information on the laws applicable in your country, we recommend that you contact your local official bodies.




Some counterfeits are found to be non-compliant with regulations. They can be dangerous because counterfeiters do not carry out official controls prior to placing the goods on the market. For example, clothing intended to come into contact with the skin may contain dangerous and prohibited substances (azo dyes), counterfeit baby bottles may contain bisphenol, sunglasses do not comply with safety regulations, and may not guarantee adequate protection.



Consumers must be vigilant especially when shopping online, by bringing into play the protections set out by the law.

Some clues which could give rise to the presumption that products are counterfeit include:

• an unusual place of sale, an unclearly identified seller => take the time to compare vendors

• a particularly low price => analyze the prices before you buy

• defects and more generally the lack of product quality (imperfect finish or assembly, colours, flimsy materials, poorly printed labels or with spelling mistakes), poor quality packaging.



Over and above the financial loss, counterfeiting poses an unacceptable risk to BEABA - that of endangering the health of our customers and their children. Our services are engaged in the fight against counterfeiting by commercial and legal monitoring and by reinforcing our systems of traceability and authentication. 

Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any doubt about the authenticity of the product you have purchased. Our Customer service will be able to advise you.