2nd age cutlery
360° spoon

“2nd age” spoon

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With its rotating handle, the 360° spoon is always horizontal, regardless of the position of the handle. This prevents the child from spilling the contents of his spoon if he is not holding the handle properly and provides support for learning how to eat properly. The rotating handle may be locked for 2nd age use.

0% Bisphénol A in accordance with regulations in force.

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As is often the case with recognised international brands, Beaba products are finding themselves the object of a growing number of forgeries. An increasing number of fake Beaba products are in circulation around the world and we wish to warn you about these copies which may be dangerous for you and your children.
At Beaba, we accord great importance to the quality and safety of our products. They are tested by independent laboratories and conform with the strictest standards in force in all the countries where they are distributed.
Nowadays, it is possible to find online, and sometimes even in stores (especially in China), forged Beaba products. Although they may look like an authentic product, they may not conform to the same specifications as authentic Beaba products, and may not even conform to the minimum regulatory requirements which apply to these types of products, particularly in terms of safety. This may represent a danger for you and your children.
Authentic Beaba products are distributed by our company directly at sales outlets, the list of which may be consulted here, or via our network of exclusive distributors. We are only able to guarantee products which are purchased from these sales outlets, or those belonging to our network of exclusive distributors.
Therefore, if you have a doubt about the authenticity of a product you have bought, we advise you to contact one of the retailers nearest to you, which you have identified on our website, in order to help you to establish the product's authenticity.
We remind you that forgery is illegal and that using such products is against the interest of you and your children.